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In the world where businesses are surrounded with millions of competition in the respective industries, one bad or negative review can spoil the market reputation. Hence, it is crucial to defend the reputation of the company proactively before the ill-reviews start to mound up and affect the goodwill of the company. DML’s Online Reputation management services are tailor-made to suit the exclusive reputation goals of our clients who hail from various industry verticals.

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The digital world is brimming with market competition and one wrong review can turn it upside down for the organization. Ramp up your presence and strengthen your position among your peers with tailored ORM management services that do wonders for the brand image assuring potential clients of your company’s credible status.

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It is normal to encounter negative reviews especially in a competitive market but to keep them unattended results in bigger problem for the company’s goodwill. Reviews and feedbacks may vary from person to person but to turn them into positive communications is our responsibility. We, at the Digital Marketing Lab will defend your goodwill and define your organizational presence with constructive point of views.
Even when your business thrives in positive reputation, online reputation management can always be helpful. It is not always fixing the negative image of the brand but it is about amplifying the existing market stature of the organization.

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Rosy M.

Owner, Rosy's Crockery

My crockery and cutlery website reviews were somewhat not positive and at that moment the team of DML came to my rescue. In just a month, my reputation skyrocketed, thus increasing my sales.


Bonnie N. Clyde

Owner, Point Of View

My art studio’s website was scathing with spammed fake reviews and I needed help in clearing them. The Digital Marketing Lab came to my rescue with the brand reputation management strategies that got me in the good books of my clients sooner than expected.


Tristan D’Silva

Owner, Tristan’s Bakery

I have a small bakery business and it goes without saying that in the midst of cut-throat competition, one negative review can turn everything upside down. The outstanding team of the DML helped me steer through those misleading negative reviews with their effective brand reputation management services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since the internet is the place everyone turns to for any information and reviews, it is necessary that it has a good opinion of yours. Feedbacks and reviews from the mass always varies, but reputation management makes sure that you get to define your online presence with the positive and constructive ones, and not the negative and obnoxious ones.

Whether your brand has a great public impression online or a poor one, the business can always do with reputation management. It is not just about fixing a negative persona of your company that might exist online, but much more than that.

  • Reputation Management helps repair any damage done to your brand name by ambush marketing by rivals.
  • It helps with immediate handling of any accidental or crisis situation over which no one has any prior control.
  • If there are any negative comments, articles or news pieces about your brand taking rounds on the internet, reputation management helps counter that with positive and productive content.
  • Even if you have a positive online existence, reputation management helps to make sure that it stays that way and only gets better instead of going downhill.

Put your best foot forward in the digital world with our online reputation management solutions that do wonders for your brand name, brand image and assure your potential clients of your status in the market.

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